J18 - Body

3 bolt body to mud guard
AUD $ 132.00

3 bolt body to mud guard..

Accelerator pedal foot rest
AUD $ 21.35

Accelerator pedal foot rest..

Axe clamp front
AUD $ 14.00

Axe clamp front..

Axe clamp rear, GPW
AUD $ 23.35

Axe clamp rear, GPW..

Axe clamp, Rear, MB
AUD $ 23.35

Axe clamp, Rear, MB..

Bantam trailer cover
AUD $ 260.00

Bantam trailer cover..

Body kit MB, GPW
AUD $ 3,832.90

Body kit, MB, GPW, standard, steel, includes fenders, hood, windshield and grill..

Body mount pad set MB
AUD $ 22.00

Body mount pad set MB..

Bolt, anchor safety strap
AUD $ 13.20

Bolt, anchor safety strap..

Bolt- Anchor safety strap
AUD $ 9.90

Bolt- Anchor safety strap..

Bonnet Bag
AUD $ 242.00

Bonnet Bag..

Brace, rear wall, long
AUD $ 61.60

Brace, rear wall, long..

Brace, Short, Rear wall, outer
AUD $ 39.60

Brace, Short, Rear wall, outer..

Brace,driver side,inner,door
AUD $ 132.00

Brace,driver side,inner,door..

Cast door bracket
AUD $ 24.20

Cast door bracket..

cast door bracket with bolt
AUD $ 29.70

Doorway, rear cast bracket w/bolt, complete ass'y, GPW..

Chain, thumbscrew safety GPW
AUD $ 43.55

Chain, thumbscrew safety, GPW..

Chain, thumbscrew safety, MB
AUD $ 43.55

Chain, thumbscrew safety, MB..

Crash pad H'ware kit
AUD $ 9.90

Crash pad H'ware kit..

Crash pad metal back Passenger
AUD $ 31.90

Crash pad, metal back, Passenger side..

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